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Fat Cat Comics Merchandise

DixPix Logo

Fat Cat Comics and DixPix Photography have teamed up with Cafepress to offer you a variety of useful items featuring Fat Cat's Logo, our resident cats—Dizzy and Lex,and other things. Please take a look, and feel free to suggest other designs, or other items using these designs.

...and while you're shopping, please take a look at some of the items that feature DixPix photographs!


You can check out all of the Fat Cat designs here—or select from the themes below.

Pumpkin Logo
Unframed Logo
Unframed Logo
Framed Logo
Framed Logo
Diz guarding the games
Dizzy guards the stuff!
Circle o' Cats
Dizzy Graphic only—no text
Cats, cats, cats
Cats, cats, cats (alternate layout)
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