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NewComics 05/14/2010


See weekly comic lists here.

We are happy to help you with all your comic needs. We carry a wide selection of comics from most of the publishers available today, and comic supplies. We are glad to place special orders for those comics that we don't normally stock, and are happy to ship them to you at a reasonable cost. You can use most credit cards, and we take Paypal (also checks and cash).

New Comics

Click here for the current list (and some past lists) of comic titles and other things coming to the store each Wednesday. Most items will be ready for sale at 3:30 pm Wednesday afternoon — sometimes Thursday after holidays and weather events.

Note: the new page is posted up to six days before "Comic Day," so check the date on the page!

Our subscription service—Comic club

Lex on back

We welcome everyone to join our comic club. If you want to get comics on a monthly basis, but can't get to a store on Wednesdays to get the new issues, we offer a pull service and hold the titles you want until you can get in to pick them up. This way you donít miss issues that you want, and we have a better idea of how many to get. When you order more than 15 ongoing titles a month, we give you a discount. For more information see Comic Subscription Service

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