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Fat Cat Books Comic Club

Club Benefits

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Comic Reservation System: As a club member, you sign up to reserve comics you wish to have held for you. These comics are then pulled for you as they arrive, and put in your club box by the number that was assigned to you when you joined the club. When you come in, just give any of us your club number, and we will give you all the items that have arrived for you, since the last time you were in.

Each month there are new comics, toys, cards, videos, and t-shirts offered, that you might want. To help you find these, you will find a new Previews on the desk each month, with the new items numbered in red. You can look this over and order any items that you want to receive, or you can buy a copy of Previews to take home to look through and order later. Orders usually need to be in by 20th of each month. Signing up for new comics when they are first offered, assures your getting the first printing of the first issue when it's released.

You may sign up to get a title each month, or to get only the first issue, or just specified issues.

You may add or remove a comic from your list when you need, with some restrictions (see below).

Depending on the quantity of titles you reserve each month, you are eligible for a discount on the reserved comics. If you have 15 or more continuing series reserved, you will get a 15% discount on all your reserved comics. If you get 75 or more, you get a 20% discount. If you have less than 15 titles, there is no discount, but your books will still be held for you.

Member Obligations

  1. You must pick up your comics regularly. We would prefer that you come in at least once a month. We can make special arrangements if necessary, but you must tell us in advance. If you do not, and you go over 3 months without getting your comics, we will stop adding the new issues, until you pick the older ones up. If you go more than 6 months, your club will be stopped completely, and the comics put out for sale.
  2. Magazines can be a big problem for us. Some are returnable, but for a limited time only, so we can only allow 1 issue of a returnable magazine in your box. If we are about to put a magazine in your box and the last issue is still there, it will be removed and sent back. If you come in once a month, this should not present a problem.
  3. When you want to remove a comic from your list, you write it on a comic change sheet. We then remove it from your list as soon as we can. Since we order comics 2 months in advance, you might be required to take 2 more issues, before we can cut our numbers. But if there is someone else we can sell it to, we will drop it immediately. Most of the bigger titles are removed as soon as you tell us.
  4. Specialty items also must be picked up within the month. Items left for longer may, at our option, be pulled and sold to others. But, since you ordered it, expect to buy it. Leaving specialty items too long, may cause your ordering privileges to be canceled.
  5. Remember your budget! Be careful to order only as much as you can actually afford.

Manager's note

We try very hard to get you everything you want, nothing you don't want, and to get it to you in a timely fashion. But, we are human, and subject to those hassles, and we have to rely on a lot of other people and companies as well. So, if there are problems, please come talk to us, and we'll try to work something out.   Tawna

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